Jerry Bridge is a professional speaker, humorist, and workshop leader. Jerry is well known for turning complex topics into fun, engaging thought provoking programs. Over the past 25 years he has presented inspiring keynotes and content rich workshops for tens of thousands of business executives, managers, and administrative staff. Jerry is a gifted speaker well known for his ability to help people reduce stress, build teamwork and improve performance. Jerry’s passion is to lead inspiring, motivating programs that empower people and having lots of fun in the process.


Great speakers have a passion lifelong learning, capturing their best ideas and writing about them. Jerry follows form with books and articles including; “Is too much technology making us stupid?” and his latest project for the healthcare industry: “If healthcare is about well being, then why am I so stressed out?!” In addition Jerry has produced a variety of audio CD’s and full length video sessions that compliment his written works. Collectively, his written material including workbooks, e-books, audio and video programs have had a dramatic and positive influence on people’s performance and well being, at work and in life.


Jerry is well known for turning complex topics into fun, engaging, thought provoking programs.

Trainer & Coach

Jerry augments his keynotes and general session presentations with in depth teaching and coaching. Motivated, inspired audiences are delighted to attend one of Jerry’s content rich, companion breakouts and workshops. A seasoned veteran, Jerry integrates over 25 years of specialized training and development with Landmark Education Corporation; a leader and innovator in the field of transformational education. No matter the content – sales training, teamwork, or well being, attendees complete Jerry’s programs with practical tools, best practices and easy to apply take aways.


Jerry is a baby boomer from Baltimore. He’s never lost his fondness for his hometown sports teams, blue crabs and Maryland hospitality. Jerry has traveled the world, running marathons in Moscow, Greece and Belgium. He and his volunteer groups have raised tens of thousands of dolloars toward ending hunger. Jerry is a drummer, knows his way around a kitchen, and has performed stand-up at the world famous Comedy Store.
He lives in San Luis Obispo California with his wife Joy and cat, Jimmy.