What People are Saying about Jerry Bridge

Audience-ReactionI had the pleasure of arranging for Jerry Bridge to present at our Annual Seminar. Jerry has a way of teaching you without your knowing you are being taught and one of the most sincere and intuitive presenters I have had the pleasure of listening to in a very long time. I would recommend one of his programs without hesitation.

Becky Pearson, Executive Director, Pueblo County Medical Society

Jerry was a speaker at our Ventura County PAHCOM Chapter Conference and Vendor Fair. His presentation was outstanding, entertaining, and full of helpful information. I would recommend his program without hesitation. I hope that you are fortunate enough to work with Jerry. I am confident that his programs will benefit your organization tremendously!

Holly A. Schaeffer, CPC, Past President, Ventura County PAHCOM

Thank you for presenting at the Winter Marketplace. The participant responses to our educational programming were wonderful! Your contribution helped to make the Winter Marketplace a success!

Janet G. Spence, PhD, MBA, Director, Education & Professional Advancement American College of Health Care Administrators

Jerry’s presentation was filled with plenty of energy, to say the least! The audience of Business Office Directors, Managers, and healthcare professionals were totally engaged as he brilliantly combined entertainment and instruction.

Bruce Scheller, CPAM, President, South Florida AAHAM


Thank you again for your involvement in our recent Reimbursement Summit. Starting off the two day conference with your knowledge, enthusiasm and humor regarding Health Care and Customer Service really motivated our staff members.

Your stories and style of delivery were extremely inspiring to a group that faces difficult situations daily, and gave them useful tools that will help them deal with their various issues. You speak in a way that allows your audience to relate the content easily to their own situations, making it all the more powerful. Thank you again for the caring way that you presented the information and tailored it to our organization. The event was a success, and I believe that you were a big part in making it so.

Denise Chase, Administrative Services Supervisor, Public Relations, Presbyterian Medical Services

We knew Jerry would be a great speaker for our conference after reviewing his video and hearing testimonials from managers who had heard him speak previously, but he totally blew us away!

Audience-ResponseHe was dynamic and totally captivating every minute of each session. Jerry’s delivery and sheer presence brings out huge smiles in the midst of talking about the milieu of management woes. Jerry’s honest sharing of his assessments and positive perspectives of today’s business reality is refreshing and he definitely knows his material backwards and forwards. His positive attitude is absolutely infectious.

Jerry develops an upbeat synergy with the audience that carried through the entire day and enlivened attendees to the possibilities for better time management, use of technology, and a myriad list of tips to help with day-to-day tasks. You can’t miss with Jerry! We’ll for sure have him back to present again soon!

Jessica Palmer, Executive Director, Northland Medical Management

Jerry brought humor and light-heartedness to our conference, a place which is usually quite heavy with work-related credentialing topics. His philosophy on life, work, and relationships is inspirational to all, regardless of age, gender, or position. Jerry is a gifted humorous/motivational speaker. I would highly recommend Jerry as a guest speaker for your organization.

Brenda Becker, CPCS, CPMSM Iowa Association Medical Staff Services President-Elect