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“The Well Being Playbook”

Dramatically Improve Your Well Being and Reduce Your Stress!

The Playbook  offers principles, practices and tools designed to inspire, enable and empower you to take better care self care – without sacrifice, burden, or guilt – in order to better care for others while leading a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

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“Going Beyond Time Management”

This presentation is the perfect primer for busy people looking for new ways to dramatically improve their productivity and cut stress! Principles, tools and practices for effectively handling email, prioritizing, and significantly reducing the interruptions and distractions that impede productivity and overwhelm and stress.
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For those looking for more in depth training and support I highly recommend the “Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop”.
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“Four Ways of Being that Create the Foundations of a Great Personal Life, Great Leadership and a Great Organization”

WERNER ERHARD Independent, MICHAEL C. JENSEN Jessie Isidor Strauss Professor Emeritus, Harvard Business School Chairman, Social Science Research Network, Inc.

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We argue here that the four factors we identify as constituting the foundation for being a leader and the effective exercise of leadership can also be seen as the foundations not only for great leadership, but also for a high quality personal life and an extraordinary organization. One can see this as a “value free” approach to values because, 1) integrity as we define it (being whole and complete) is a purely positive phenomenon, 2) authenticity is also a purely positive phenomenon (being and acting consistent with who you hold yourself out to be for others and who you hold yourself to be for yourself), 3) being committed to something bigger than oneself is also a purely positive phenomenon (that says nothing about what that commitment should be other than it be bigger than oneself), and 4) being cause in the matter as a declaration of the stand you take for yourself regarding everything in your life is also a purely positive phenomenon.

Background: This address is based on our leadership research program (conducted with Steve Zaffron and Kari Granger over the last ten years). That research is designed to discover what it actually takes to create leaders – that is, to leave participants at the end of the course being leaders and effectively exercising leadership as their natural self expression.

Leadership, Culture and Well Being

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21st century technology has given rise to software applications and solutions that have become ubiquitous in the pursuit of effectively managing the business of senior care – from revenue to risk, and from staffing to quality of care. These exciting, innovative technologies provide tremendous value, understanding, and strategies for providing optimum care and enhancing quality of life for seniors and their families in need. 

Technology Alone is not the Solution

What’s needed are human solutions; principles and best practices to counter the negative, sometimes overwhelming impacts of stress and caregiver burnout on mind, body, soul and spirit.  Indeed, healthcare leaders and their institutions must stand for, envision, and foster cultures in which their people can thrive; appropriately compensated, fully recognized, empowered, connected and acknowledged.