Breakout Sessions

Going Beyond Time Management

Redefining productivity, working on what matters most.

When people think of productivity, many think of ‘time management’. The time management model and its principles and tools developed in the late 1950’s are insufficient for managing the pace and volume of information in today’s world!

  • Identify obsolete work habits that undermine your effectiveness and lead to ‘burn out’
  • Learn tools & practices for managing & tracking ideas, people & projects, & effectively handling email
  • Learn new habits and tools for dealing with everything you have to do without being overwhelmed by it

Connection, Collaboration & Creativity

Performance & Fulfillment in a Wired World

In today’s highly interdependent world, individuals, teams and companies can no longer resolve many of their problems by themselves. Simply said, we need one another and we need the support to stay connected and focused on what matters most, at work and in life!

  • Learn practices for building teamwork and collaboration
  • Reaching out when you want to withdraw
  • Building teamwork using an integrated approach; heartfelt, authentic, and mission driven

Extraordinary Customer Service

Transforming Conflict into Cooperation

Transform conflict into cooperation; effectively deal with demanding customer’s communication breakdowns, stress and other service problems. Break through the limits of everyday, common communication; identify and remove the barriers to delivering exciting, extraordinary service.

  • Powerfully create your personal service mission and accountability statement
  • Learn how old communication habits undermine your ability to be of service
  • Build skills by identifying the habits, attitudes, and behaviors that throw you off course

Why am I doing this?

Restoring Purpose, Passion and Power

Ever wonder “why am I doing this job?!” Remember how excited you once were – looking forward to the challenges ahead? What happened? Over time, we often lose our passion or enthusiasm, get worn down by the work; we simply are not present to the possibility or opportunity of our work.

  • Explore powerful new ways to think about work and obligations, and all the stuff “you have to do”
  • Transform burdens, obligations, and tasks into purposeful, meaningful goals that leave you feeling energized and looking forward