Knowing how to get things done

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You’ve probably seen this ad on TV, the one with the guy driving down the highway, alone, top down, sun and wind in his face. Next scene you see the same guy standing on the side of the road, his car broken down, in the middle of who knows where!

Is this guy stressed?  NO!

Does he look worried?  NO!

Is he looking for his AAA card? NO!

And you know why?

Because according to the announcer… “he’s reached an age where he knows how to get things done”

He knows how to get things done…What does that even mean?

We’re supposed to believe that just because this convertible driving, 3 day stubble wearing stud can tell the difference between a carburetor and a thing that’s not a carburetor, he can fix anything  with a screwdriver, a half smile, and a flinty eyed stare toward the horizon!

And the topper, in the last scene we see that he’s pitched a tent, and built a fire, illuminating  the silhouetted figure of the woman inside the tent, with whom we can only assume he’ll spend the entire evening getting things done!

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