Care Givers; Take Care

Who-Cares-FrontWhether you’re a caregiver by profession or one of the many millions that now find themselves in that role, you’ll benefit from stories that offer inspiration, humor and healing.

What happens when you suddenly find yourself having to care for your loved ones through life threatening illness, depression and death – a role for which you are neither prepared and likely never imagined? Between 2000 and 2013 Jerry lost his sister, brother, and mother to cancer. At the same time his father became profoundly depressed and nearly lost his own life as a result. While caring for his family, Jerry suffered unforeseen, devastating impacts –causing him to feel alone, depressed, exhausted, and continually questioning his value at work and worth in life.

Drawing on numerous and various resources for inspiration and guidance − journaling, self reflection, psychotherapy, counseling, faith and sense of humor, Jerry ultimately found renewal, reconciliation, and peace. These are the real life accounts and insights that led to such a transformation.

  • Find inspiration, comfort, and humor in the face of your own care giving story, current or past.
  • Transform yourself and your care giving experience through self reflection and greater self compassion.
  • Put the past in the past; transcend guilt, negativity, drama or needless suffering.
  • Be more fully present to the love for those you care for now and complete with those you’ve lost.

“Caregiving can be seen as a burden to avoid and neglect, or hopefully, as an honor to accept, engage and nurture. Jerry Bridge eloquently shares his insight and humor in living the latter.”

– Dr. Marjorie Vego Krausz,
Director, Carlsbad Collaborative Counseling Center

“Jerry’s writing provides a window into a world that so many people experience, but that many feel they must endure in guilty silence. What could have been a tragic story has turned into one that inspires.”

– David Charles Lozar, M.D.

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