Wellness Inventory

“An easy to use, highly effective program for managing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.”  – Jerry Bridge

Change your life now with the proven whole-person approach – Wellness Inventory. This is the most comprehensive program for personal wellbeing

This dynamic program has an interactive web portal to help you determine priorities and achieve goals by balancing all aspects of life – work, play, fitness, nutrition, personal and professional relationships.

 Endorsed by MDs, RNs, therapists, naturopaths, wellness and life coaches. Proven for over 30 years, this visionary, deep approach is now online for easy interactive access and self-management. Wellness Inventory online portal lets you organize, balance, and improve all areas of your life, from relationships to activities, for any lifestyle!

With this fun-to-use online program, you can:

  • Discover what you’re most motivated to change.
  • Create and manage action steps for improvement.
  • Connect to deeper meaning in your personal life.
  • Enjoy better work-life balance and productivity.
  • Gain more clarity and focus for your endeavors.

You get all these tools and more – one year subscription.
Assessment Assessment – assess deeper levels of your wellbeing and motivations in all 12 dimensions.
 Action Plan Action Plan – create and track action steps, and set reminders for continual progress.
 Virtual Coach Virtual Coach – learn how to identify priorities and create focused, successful action steps.
 Progress Tracker Progress Tracker – measure your whole-person wellbeing as you continually improve.
 Wellness Journal Wellness Journal – describe and monitor your experiences, goals, issues, progress, and new ideas.
 Self Study Center Self Study Center – explore wellbeing practices to inspire more awareness and actions.
 Wellness Resource Centers Wellness Resource Centers – learn more with free articles, exercises, and links to books, dvds and cds.
Be more organized, balanced, and live life more fully.