Connecting Seniors, Families & Care Givers through Video

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After mom died, I moved my dad to Brookdale Assisted Living in San Marcos California, only a few minutes drive from my home. I was able to visit him frequently, joining him for an afternoon  swim or for dinner.  During this time I got to know and spend quality time with many of the residents, Dad’s new friends and neighbors. 

As I learned about their lives,   I often wondered about  their families, children and grandchildren, the ones not as fortunate as I, living in such close proximity and able to come for a visit on a moments notice. I wondered if the families of those residents knew firsthand of the extraordinary care their family member was receiving. The kind of care I was able to witness on a daily basis, the quality of care that helped me to rest easy knowing that my dad was so well taken care of. I also imagined how valuable it would be to capture the life and legacy of these folks, all the wonderful community events and inspirational stories!.

Although my plan to shoot video of the  residents and caregivers didn’t workout at the time, I’m so grateful that I was able to capture video of my Dad; his 90th birthday party and relaxing drives through the central coast countryside.

My dad has passed away a few years ago. I am so thankful to have these amazing treasures captured on video, moments that show so much heart, joy and courage (after losing his wife of 60 years and two children). In the face of all the loss and hardship, Dad never lost his sense of humor and never stopped singing!

I often share that video during my Keynotes. Indeed, it honors his life and legacy and serves as an inspiration for others. My dad would be so happy to know he’as still lighting up the room! 

A Perfect Partnership!   

It is this personal story along with my passion for making a difference in the lives of seniors, their families and the communities that care for them that led me to partner with HeartLegacy – an award-winning service that connects seniors and families through video.

HeartLegacy provides solutions that help senior communities and home care agencies generate leads, convert those leads into new residents and clients, and build strong referral bases.

Why Video?

According to Forbes, YouTube has officially passed television as America’s most viewed platform. People are watching more video on the internet than television! Why is this important?  Life Plan Communities, Assisted Care, Skilled Nursing and Home Care providers must recognize this shift in viewing medium in order to stay competitive. Video platforms are a tremendous untapped resource for connecting with potential clients, lead generation and for fulfilling high quality, sustainable staffing.

 HeartLegacy Benefits for your Community, Residents, Families and Care Givers

  • Online Marketing – Differentiate yourself and generate leads with professionally-edited marketing videos. Supercharge your sales strategy with SalesMail™.
  • Social Engagement –  Enhance seniors’ quality of life with two-way video through our Remy® kiosk.
  • Person-Centered Care – Honor seniors and preserve legacies with our Life Story Program™.
  • Family Communications – Cater to tech-savvy families with the HeartLegacy® smartphone app.
  • Differentiation – Stand out from competitors with a unique amenity that delivers unparalleled value!
  • Non-Drug therapies – Mitigate loneliness, improve cognitive activity, and expand reminiscence and simulated presence therapies with Remy®.

Learn more about how HeartLegacy can benefit your business!

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