Take Care; Send A Little Love to Your Heart

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While presenting a Keynote for the Nebraska Healthcare Association Annual meeting, I guided the audience through a ‘one minute, relaxation- meditation’. I asked the group to begin taking a few deep breaths, to close their eyes and allow themselves to be fully relaxed and simply be present. Taking long slow, conscious deep breaths, I then asked the participants to place a hand over their hearts and send loving, positive energy to it; to a heart which will beat some 2 trillion times over the course of a typical lifetime, to a heart which is too often overworked, over-stressed and underappreciated

Following my presentation, I received a note from Christina Hansen, the Wellness Director for Good Samaritan Society, an assisted living community in Kearney, NE. Here’s a partial excerpt of what she was generous enough to share share…

Your presentation touched me in a very personal way… you know that most folks working in long term care put themselves at the very end of their “to do” list. My favorite part of my job is being able to give of myself to my people, however in doing that I forget to recharge my own batteries.

You asked us to do an exercise…to close our eyes, put our hands on our hearts, and speak to it…to thank our heart. To breathe deeply and send good, positive energy to our heart. I felt a little silly, but I listened and followed your instructions.

You know what? Something happened.

When I opened my eyes, they were full of tears. You gave a very stressed out woman an opportunity to breathe. To connect with the real me and to truly just be…That exercise gave me a peace that I have not experienced in many moons and a sincere gratefulness for my hard working body. A body that I belittle and cheat and push to unhealthy limits. A heart that I use to love on everyone else but me.”

Christina’s eloquent, thoughtful reflection moved me profoundly. I hope her heartfelt words will inspire you to take some time to send a little love to your heart. You deserve it!

Christina & Daughter Olivia

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